Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a training scheme specifically aimed at new drivers to build upon your existing skills and knowledge and will teach you how to anticipate, plan and deal with all kinds of conditions so you can drive more safely on all types of roads. Pass Plus is made up of six modules and must consist of a minimum of six hours tuition, five and a half hours of which are practical in-car sessions. The modules cover:

  1. Town driving
  2. All weather driving
  3. Out of town driving and rural roads
  4. Night driving
  5. Dual carriageways
  6. Motorways.

You will be provided with a Training Report Form and a Progress Report Form. There is no test at the end, instead, you will be assessed throughout and when you have successfully completed the course, the Training Report Form will be sent to the DVSA and they will issue you with your Pass Plus Certificate of Completion.